Time-Poor Dreamers

TIme-Poor Dreamers, a group exhibition organised by Erin Hughes at Cypher Space, Berlin. With new works (in order of images) from Matthew Hilvers, Deme Georgiou, Tahmina Negmat, Erin Hughes, Beatrice Lettice Boyle, Lydia Boehm, Gala Bell, Reina Sugihara and Laszlo Von Dohnanyi

‘Time-poor dreamers spend a lot of their free time out and about. They meet their friends in bars or pubs, sometimes playing a game of darts or pool. They are more likely than average to play team sports such as football, hockey or netball. When at home they prefer to relax by watching TV, and few have any other interests or hobbies that they participate in other than of socialising with friends or spending time with family. Due to their busy work and home life, they often eat take-away/fast food (at least once a week). They feel that they don’t look after themselves as well as they should.’ – British Arts Council, Arts Audiences: Insight
time poor dreamers
0 TPD instal Cypher Space
1 Matt Hilvers
2 Deme Georgiou
3 Tahmina Negmat
4 Erin Laura Hughes
5 Beatrice Boyle
6 Lydia Boehm
7 Gala Bell
8 Reina Sugihara
9 Laszlo Von Dohnanyi